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Digital Virgo PL

The experience of cooperation with GG Network turned out to be extremely positive and successful. For today we can confidently confirm GG Network is a team of mVAS professionals experience with deep insights and expertise key indicators for the quality of traffic sources and Customer Satisfaction Index of mVAS services.

Golden Goose (DCB HUB) is a great place to launch your mVAS offers into the market!

Sam media NL

GG Network is one of the top partners in VAS we are very pleased working with their professional team, not only do they deliver the agreed results, but they exceed them as well. It's very easy to communicate the restrictions and needs for our campaigns and we always have peace of mind knowing that GG network is handling the traffic.


GG Network are real mVAS profi that always deliver on a promise. They are 100% transparent and reliable, which makes our cooperation succesful in many GEO's. No other company can push the mVAS industry boundaries as effectively as Golden Goose (DCB HUB)! Thank you guys for your amazing work!


Golden Goose has proven to be a trusted partner, delivering results, consistency, solid technology stack and excellent communication.

Konstantinos Charalampidis


Golden Goose is a time-honored company worthy of great respect.
Real professionals of the mVAS market with a developed platform, statistics and analytics.
We express our gratitude to the company Golden Goose and look forward to further cooperation.

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